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Love is in need of love....

At DeBUAGRINE CODE, we believe that your living space should reflect your unique personality. That's why we offer a wide range of lifestyle decor pieces that stand out from the rest. Our signature hand-poured candle, DeBUAGRINE CODE, enhances the ambiance of your living space. Created from all-natural soy, these candles are handcrafted to perfection and fill any room with their rich fragrance. Designed to stir the soul, intrigue your senses, and calm your mind. DeBUAGRINE CODE candles are perfect for long winter nights, and intimate gatherings, creating a vibe to kickback.  Experience the wonders of our candles today.

Courtney L.

These are the best candles I have ever purchased. It's warm and inviting. When you walk in the room it is filled with great aromas. I will be a lifetime customer. They are well worth the price. Don’t sleep on them!!! Also, my order was received in a respectable time. I will be ordering again and recommending others.

Tiffany P.

I have seen this brand from day one. The creator makes his mark on each and every item in this brand. Items are not released until tried and true times two! Not one item goes untouched and approved by him! The candles are so aromatic and enduring. You can place these in any room, at any time and be sure to turn heads the moment someone walks in the door. If you are looking for a quality product, made from the heart, you've landed in the right place. I'm certain you'll be back for more!

Albert J.

The Mahogany Coconut is undeniably refreshing. I first lit it around 8 am to freshen up the kitchen/living room area to add a little aroma as my lady and I began our work from home day. A while after, to my surprise, as I started to snuff it out, she did not want me to put it out because she simply wasn't done yet, lol and she LOVES candles as well and has quite the nose for good vs bad scents... Long story short... this is a two for one customer experience review, lol. This candle is indeed a mood and a great one at that. Thank you!
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